Pittsburgh’s People of the Year 2021: Music

patreon: HUNY

music: The Fall Ball: HUNY

video: Black, Queer, & Here performances

music: Jellyfish 10/16/21: HUNY

event: The Fall Ball (Nov. 5, 8pm-2am, at Spirit)

event: Good Ghouls go to Hell (Oct 31, 3-6pm, at Trace Brewing)

event: Die a Little Bit (Oct 30, 9pm-2am, at Cobra)

"Visualizing Black Femme Joy" by Tereneh Idia (CIRCLES: reclamation)

Best of Pittsburgh 2021 (Best Club DJ & Best Photographer)

LINER NOTES w/ Mostbeautifullest + Lauren Goshinski

Queer Fam Fund print sale

video: Collection Close-up: Petra Floyd and sarah huny young

event: "Art as Liberation: Celebrating Black Art in Pittsburgh" 

photography: "WNBA’s 25 Most Defining Milestones" (ESPN)

podcast: Mostly Max...and other things

Honcho Campout Queer Fam Fund 2021

EBONY.com: Epic Black Image

photography: "Rescuing discarded fabric for designer bow ties" (The Verge)

photography: Black Women Photographers print sale

music: Not Mass NYE: HUNY

photography: "Aetna Agrees to Expand Coverage for Gender-Affirming Surgeries" (The New York Times)

music: Daisychain Podcast #153

print: Fuck the Aristrocracy